Fishing at Black Rock with Annie Taylor from Cancer Council NT

Indi Kindi session with Annie McDinny from Cancer Council

Indi Kindi had a fun and informative day on Country and did some fishing at Black Rock.

Thank you to Annie Taylor who took time to speak to families about her work with the Cancer Council NT. Annie works in cancer education, treatment and intervention and did a wonderful job teaching the group.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death for Aboriginal people, who are 43% more likely to die than other Australians so education in rural communities is crucial. The children and families learned lots about sun safety and ways to keep healthy, looking out for signs and symptoms of cancer.

More thanks to MAWA for supporting transport, and also FaFT and Strong Women for joining. The day was supported by McArthur River Mines Community Benefits Trust. The trust plays an important role in bridging the cancer gap for Aboriginal Australians.

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