Moriarty Foundation enables families and communities to unlock their children’s potential through our locally-led initiatives. We embrace the Aboriginal worldview to radically shift intergenerational disadvantage. We are a 100% Deductible Gift Recipient, Public Benevolent Institution.

"The emotional, psychological and physical health of the children in our programs is our frontline. We support parents, families and communities to unlock their children's potential."

Ros Moriarty, Founder & Co-Chair, Managing Director


Moriarty Foundation was founded in 2011 by Yanyuwa man John Moriarty AM and social investor Ros Moriarty at the request of senior Aboriginal Law women in Borroloola, a remote community in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory, who wanted to see their grandchildren educated.

(pictured L-R Jemima Miller Wuwarlu, Marjorie Keighran, and Dinah Norman Marrngawi)

Bajirru in Yanyuwa language means, “there you all are, hello”, as spoken by families in Borroloola, Gulf of Carpentaria, NT.

Our Approach

Moriarty Foundation has moved beyond program-centric delivery, to an enabling platform that is holistic and integrated, designed to build wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, parents and communities. We create a space where families and our local staff can build resilience and achieve sustainable change.

Our strategic platform is designed to deliver successful program outcomes through resilient local engagement. Our underpinning framework is based on improved wellbeing and strong protective relationships for the staff, children, families and communities we work with.

We place the child at the centre, the family around the child, the community around the family and the nation around the community.

Our Focus

Supporting key attachment relationships: Parent to child, child to Elder, child to staff, head office staff to local staff.

Providing wellness education and modeling: Nutrition, sleep, exercise and self-calming strategies.

Building on the cultural and family strengths of the Aboriginal body, spirit and Country worldview.

Being locally-led and building local staff capacity through mentoring, education and skills development to access best practice ideas and experience.

Our Affiliate

Moriarty Foundation is an affiliate of leading Australian Aboriginal-owned strategy and design company, Balarinji.

Balarinji is Australia’s foremost Indigenous design studio founded by John and Ros Moriarty in 1983. Balarinji is built on authentic engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture, art, stories and identity. Its ethos is to deepen the understanding of Australia’s foundational narrative through co-design for major projects nationally. Balarinji activates the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities in new and inclusive ways.

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