Indi Kindi dance sessions

Indi Kindi wellbeing sessions

Culturally relevant teaching is a crucial part of the Indi Kindi program. Children have the opportunity to learn about their country through dance, art and other relevant educational activities in an outdoor environment. Classes are run by local community members who can share their relevant stories and knowledge.

The children love our dancing sessions. Dance is a great way to keep children active and also provides a great opportunity for them to learn about traditional dance in Aboriginal culture. Learning and participating in dance sessions is lots of fun for the children and also plays an important part incorporating Indigenous culture into the Indi Kindi curriculum.

Our innovative ‘walking learning’ outdoor teaching method has proven benefits, linking movement and cognitive function to positive behaviour and engagement. It also allows the children to feel closer to their land and surroundings. Our learning activities are perfectly suited to the young children at Indi Kindi and continue to spark interest and involvement in traditional cultural learning activities.

ROLE: Head Coach & Mentor – Tennant Creek (remote NT)

August 30, 2023

ROLE: Head Coach & Mentor – Dubbo (NSW)

August 30, 2023

ROLE: Casual Indi Kindi Educator – Tennant Creek (NT)

July 26, 2023