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Indi Footi is a pre-school football fitness program for 2 to 6 year olds delivered by John Moriarty Football coaches through our Indi Kindi initiative. Indi Footi promotes healthy growth and development and is aligned to Indi Kindi’s daily messaging: *Eat well *Drink well *Clean well *Play well.

The underlying objective of Indi Footi is to activate young brains through movement, and develop basic football and motor skills, balance and coordination in a fun, non-competitive way.

The Indi Footi Curriculum focuses on 4 key skills:

  1. Dribbling
  2. Passing
  3. Shooting
  4. Game Play

The sessions involve a gross motor warm-up activity followed by skills activities with identified coaching points.

In order to implement the Indi Footi curriculum, Indi Kindi sessions support children to have healthy active lifestyles by focusing on:

Body awareness

Body awareness is important to help children to understand where their bodies are in relation to the space around them, and how their bodies function and move.
Indi Kindi sessions provide opportunities for developing body awareness through identifying body parts, practicing spatial awareness, sensory games and cross curricular activities.

Physical development

Physical development refers to children’s abilities to use and control their bodies contributing to their health and wellbeing by strengthening bones, muscles and organs, improving coordination and balance, helping children stay at a healthy weight and reducing risks of disease.

Physical development helps improve:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Strength and endurance
  • Attention and alertness
  • Body control

Creating healthy habits – Eat well, Drink well, Clean well, Play well

Provide opportunities for the children to:

  • Make healthy food choices and to understand which foods are healthy/ unhealthy and why.
  • Identify and understand that changes that occur in their bodies when they are active and why e.g. feeling hot, red faces, sweating, heart beating faster, thirsty, sore muscles, heavier breathing and how to manage these changes e.g. drink water to rehydrate, stretch before and after sessions etc.
  • Manage their personal hygiene e.g. hand washing, toileting, avoidance of touching faces, safe tissue disposal etc to avoid germs being transferred and becoming sick.
  • Play cooperatively; take turns and share; listen and respond to instructions; participate in small groups; take risks; cope with setbacks; recognise what they can do; understand rules; develop a sense of fair play; become leaders; know how to treats others respectfully; ask for help when needed; increase concentration etc.
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