Through a locally-led, collaborative cultural approach, Moriarty Foundation’s programs are achieving sustainable results across 11 of the 16 outcomes in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Closing the Gap with Indi Kindi

We must see the gap we wish to close, not from our viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of Indigenous Australians before we can hope to close it and make a real difference."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Closing the Gap

The National Agreement on Closing the Gap encompasses 16 national socio-economic targets across areas that have an impact on life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Through our proven and locally-led programs, Moriarty Foundation is making considerable gains in 11 of the 16 Closing the Gap targets.

  • Life expectancy
  • Healthy birth weights
  • Early childhood education
  • Childhood development
  • Completion of year 12 certificate
  • Tertiary education
  • Youth education, training and employment
  • Employment
  • Youth detention
  • Suicide rates
  • Culture and languages



Sustainable Delivery

There are many barriers to providing sustainable and effective service delivery to remote and disadvantaged Indigenous communities. Moriarty Foundation has worked hard with communities to overcome obstacles, such as socio-economic, cultural and historical challenges, as well as intergenerational trauma and the disruptions caused by crisis.

Factors that have been critical in driving our success at achieving sustainable results concerning Closing the Gap targets are our co-designed model, the creation of meaningful local employment, a whole-of-child focus (0-18 years), the longevity and consistency of our programs, being adaptive to the needs of community, creating partnerships with other community and health-related organisations, and our Aboriginal worldview.


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