Outdoor STEM lessons

Indi Kindi outdoor STEM lessons

The Indi Kindi program often includes sessions with a STEM focus led by our local educators. A recent STEM lesson involved an outdoor walking and learning class by the river (lots of learning and lots of fun!).

Children chose rocks that would make the biggest splash, exploring different trajectories while enjoying the natural landscape. Another lesson had the Indi Kindi children playing with blocks spending time creating, building, problem-solving, rebuilding, discussing and collaborating.

Combining our outdoor classes with STEM lessons is a great way to encourage kids to challenge themselves to think creatively and as a team while maintaining a connection with the environment. The skills learned in these classes are critical to early childhood development and are a crucial step in preparation for school.

Our classes are specially designed to improve our young Indigenous children’s readiness for school, while ensuring cultural relevance, community involvement and of course lots of fun!

ROLE: JMF Community Coach – Kuranda (Qld)

February 15, 2024

ROLE: Head Coach & Mentor – Borroloola (NT)

January 24, 2024

ROLE: Head Coach & Mentor – Tennant Creek (NT)

January 24, 2024