Barhava Report | Indi Kindi Impact Study

Report Summary

The Barhava Report is an independent assessment of the impact Indi Kindi has demonstrated in Borroloola and Robinson River, two very remote Northern Territory Indigenous communities with complex needs and disadvantages.

The Report is based on interviews with local families, community members, Indi Kindi educators, partner organisations, and professional health and early childhood experts.

The Report outlines how the program is delivered and its methodology, the communities where it operates, challenges the program faces, and what makes Indi Kindi successful. It also makes recommendations for the future sustainability and expansion of the program.

Indi Kindi's Impact

Indi Kindi has successfully developed a model that has been driven by, and adapted to, the needs of the community. This model draws on local Indigenous leaders, employs local Indigenous women, fosters local Indigenous languages and culture, and operates outdoors on Country through a uniquely interactive ‘walking learning’ approach.

Factors that have been important in driving the success of the model include creating meaningful local employment, the longevity and consistency of the program, and creating partnerships with other community organisations.

Without further and more stable funding, Indi Kindi faces an unsustainable future and is at the risk of forfeiting the benefits it creates for the local community, which have been invaluable in addressing the unique challenges experienced in Borroloola and Robinson River.


of children under 5 years attend Indi Kindi in the communities where it runs


of its local Aboriginal educators have been with Indi Kindi for over 4 years


the year Indi Kindi was founded by the Moriarty Foundation

Independent Report

The Report was co-authored by Dr Galia Barhava-Monteith, an independent consultant and facilitator specialised in knowledge mobilisation, and Margot Tong, a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, specialising in health and family services. Collaborators included Minter Ellison, Cindy Carpenter (Cast), and the Social Impact Hub.

Dr Barhava-Monteith and Ms Tong are independent of Indi Kindi and Moriarty Foundation.

The most effective community programs are those that are built and delivered with the community. This is because each community has unique needs and operates in a unique way. For a program to be successful it is essential to spend time in the community, build relationships, listen, engage local people to be champions of the program now and into the future, and have a long term plan of support for the program. When I visited Borroloola, I saw evidence that these ways of working are present in Indi Kindi's work."

Alice Hall, Early Childhood Development Specialist, UNICEF Australia

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