Turtle hunt Walking Learning session

Indi Kindi Walking Learning session - turtle hunt

Indi Kindi had a wonderful Walking Learning session led by local Elders who took the children on a turtle hunt at Ardalala near Wandagula.

The children learned how to spot covered turtle holes and used sticks to tap and dig for turtles hiding underground in the dry lagoon. The session also included learning about managing the land with controlled fires.

Thank you to the Elders for leading the outdoor session and to Borroloola Health Clinic, Strong Women and FaFt for joining in.

Our ground-breaking Walking Learning model is delivered outdoors to enable movement, freedom and creative expression suited to the cognitive strengths of young Aboriginal learners. Walking Learning sessions also enable local culture and tradition to be shared with younger generations and places important emphasis on connection to Country, culture, spirituality, family and community.

Through Walking Learning children learn important creative, problem-solving and fine motor skills. The activities are also paired with nutritious meals and snacks for overall wellbeing.

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