JMF Kuranda Coaching Workshop

JMF Kuranda Coaching Workshop Sep 2020

Thank you to Martin Docherty from Football Queensland and Reggie Davani from Football North Queensland who partnered with JMF Kuranda to hold a community coaching workshop in Cairns on 30 September.

The workshop was open to all regional coaches in Far North Queensland as well as our JMF Kuranda coaching team and participants completed their FFA Skills Training Certificate. The day was filled with plenty of football activities, drills, and games accompanied by nutritious snacks. Everyone who participated displayed amazing teamwork and determination and learned many technical football skills.

John Moriarty Football provides continuous mentoring, development and training of our local coaches through the employment of an embedded FFA-qualified in-community coach and mentor.

We provide in-depth football, work skills and leadership training programs to staff, including day-to-day football coaching, session planning and delivery of games, weekend tournaments, school and representative tournaments.

JMF Kuranda Coaching Workshop Sep 2020

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