Nutrition lessons from Chef Simon Crowden

Indi Kindi nutrition lessons with Chef Simon Crowden

Chef Simon Crowden recently visited our Indi Kindi educators in Borroloola for a specialised cooking and nutrition class. Simon is an expert in developing nutrition plans for Indigenous communities. During his visit, Simon and the Indi Kindi team cooked up a delicious curry and learned all about gut health.

An integral element of the Indi Kindi program is supporting healthy minds and healthy bodies through the preparation of nutritious food and snacks. We engage chefs, like Simon, who visit our educators and teach cooking classes specially tailored to Indigenous communities.

Our educators then use this knowledge to serve up yummy hot food and share important learnings around food and nutrition in the community. Teaching these important life skills in our program is helping change the poor diets in communities that are often impacted by a lack of availability to fresh, affordable food.

Children in the Indi Kindi program are developing lifelong healthy habits that have a significant contribution to their overall wellbeing.

Children that receive the right health and nutrition in their first 1,000 days are:

  • 10 times more likely to overcome life-threatening diseases
  • More likely to complete 4.6 more grades of school
  • Go on to earn up to 50% more in wages as adults
Indi Kindi educators pictured (L-R) Annika Rory, Amanda Johnson, Andrea Norman

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